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Messages through our platform are automatically delivered to tutors. Get instant replies and automated notifications in your email inbox directly. Discuss tutoring requirements, tutoring services needs with tutors before inviting them for demo.

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Our automated system enables instant demo request to the tutor. You should agree day and time before the invite. Should they accept, you can then view their contact details on our system and be able to take it further.

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Personalised Tuition Service

Every tuition enquiry is followed up with a telephone call to ensure we understand tuition requirements. We will identify best qualified tutors that match your requirements and recommend to you. For foreign students, we offer tuition fees facilitation service whereby student can pay to Parhai Likhai and we will release tuition fees only and only when you are happy with the tuition lesson

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Our rigorous tutor screening and tutor selection process ensures that our tutors have the right qualifications, experience and the right attitude to be a successful tutor. All tutors are required to submit their identity and qualification documents before they are allowed any tutoring service engagements

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Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Trust and Care is at the heart of tutoring services we process. Any breach of the Tuition Code of Ethics and Conduct’ policy will result in immediate termination of tutor engagement with Parhai Likhai tutoring Services

100% tuition satisfaction guarantee

We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with our online or home tuition and tutoring services. In the unlikely event of where you are not satisfied, we promise to refund you 100% of your first lesson fees if you have chosen to pay through us. Terms and conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Answer: Yes of course! we provide a totally personalised service free of any cost to you. Simply submit a tuition request by clicking here and we will manage the rest. We listen to your requirements very carefully, understand your needs, and then we establish tutors who are not only closest to you but who match perfectly to your requirements. This ultimately saves your time and effort - all free of cost to you.

Answer: Yes, we require our users to register with us in order to use our services: The process is extremely simple and painsfree: Simply enter your basic details into our parent registration form, confirm your email address and you are registered. The reason we require our users to be registered is also to ensure that we can keep track of all requests through out the process in as automated manner as possible. Please rest assured that your details are completely safe and are not used for any other reason but to provide you tuition services.

Answer: We charge absolutely nothing from the parents / students. However, we take a 'one-off' small amount of commission from our tutors. This helps us in running our platform and to compensate our team for their hardwork they put into providing a personalised service.

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