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Answer: Yes of course! we provide a totally personalised service free of any cost to you. Simply submit a tuition request by clicking here and we will manage the rest. We listen to your requirements very carefully, understand your needs, and then we establish tutors who are not only closest to you but who match perfectly to your requirements. This ultimately saves your time and effort - all free of cost to you.

Answer: Yes, we require our users to register with us in order to use our services:

The process is extremely simple and painsfree: Simply enter your basic details into our parent registration form, confirm your email address and you are registered. The reason we require our users to be registered is also to ensure that we can keep track of all requests through out the process in as automated manner as possible. Please rest assured that your details are completely safe and are not used for any other reason but to provide you tuition services.

Answer: We charge absolutely nothing from the parents / students. However, we take a 'one-off' small amount of commission from our tutors. This helps us in running our platform and to compensate our team for their hardwork they put into providing a personalised service

For Tutors

Answer: We aim to find the best tutors and work closely together to help find them as many students as they would like, while providing an excellent, professional service for students. Register with us to start getting new tuition opportunities.

Answer: Building a profile on our portal is completely free of charge.

We however ask for a meagre Rs.500 for verifying your details and publish your profile as verified. This adds much confidence to your profile when being viewed by parents/tutees.

Separately, Tuition fees are agreed directly between yourself and parents/tutees and we ask for a one time %age of tuition fees as administration charges - generally for average length of tuition period, this amounts to in the range of 5% to 10%. This fees enables us to continue providing our users with a personalised seamless experience through our portal.

Answer: Each tuition engagement is unique and caters for what ultimately parent/student would like to achieve. These could range from crash courses to long term tuition engagements. Ultimately this has to be decided between tutor and the tutee.

Answer: You can agree the mode and timing of payment with tutee directly. We recommend that you provide them a demo class free of charge in order to leave no doubts in tutees mind about what they are getting. You will need to pay for our administration charges through bank transfer, out of your first month's tuition fees in the first month of tuition only.

Answer: Yes but it needs to be mutually agreed with parents. We strongly recommend that you check with the parents/tutee and ensure that it is agreed upfront as a mode of teaching. It is both your and tutees responsibility to have an appropriate internet connection available to make this work.

Answer: We do not employ you nor we are responsible for your tuition engagement. We offer a marketplace that connects students with the best tutors available. You are, therefore, self-employed and any responsibilities that you would owe to tax or other regulatory authorities will need to be managed by you directly.

Answer: None of your personal details such as address, CNIC, phone number or scripts of your qualifications are shared publically or on your online profile. This information is however used by us to a)verify your details and b)be able to establish contact with you, should you be selected by a parent or Parhai Likhai team for a tuition job. If you are shortlisted for a tuition job by either a parent or a Parhai Likhai team and you accept the demo invitation, parent's contact details will be shared with you as well as parent/tutee is shared with your email and phone number. You then establish contact directly. Note: We only publish your first name on your online profile to avoid any offline unauthorised searches by anyone through social media.

You also have complete control on your public profile at all times i.e. you can unpublish your profile for 30 days. For data protection it is our policy to delete all profiles that remain unpublished from our website unless you inform us not to delete them specifically.

Answer: We will be sorry to see you go but it is your choice. You can easily switch your account off for a period of 30 days by deactivating it in your settings page. However, if you do not reactivate it within this period, all of your details will be completely erased from our portal. Rest assured we only keep details up to a point you choose to use our services.

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