Parent Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Parents/Tutees

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Before we proceed with the terms and conditions our engagement, please see below a brief overview of our tutors.

Overview of Tutor selection process

The tutors at Parhai Likhai go through a rigorous selection process in order to become a part of the Parhai Likhai team. We have a tutor support team who screens all applicants to make sure they have the right qualifications and the right attitude to be a successful tutor. Our rigorous process is designed such that it ensures that our tutors can be trusted to deliver the requisite desired high quality of education for the tutee.

All tutors are required to comply with the ‘Parhai Likhai Code of Ethics and Conduct’ policy. Any breach of the ‘Parhai Likhai Code of Ethics and Conduct’ policy results in termination of their subscription straight away. The core ethical foundation of the Code is based on our six values – Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Trust and Care. You can read the ‘Parhai Likhai Code of Ethics and Conduct’ policy by clicking here.

Annual Appraisals

We will carry out annual appraisals for all of our tutors based on the feedback received from you. The appraisal of our tutors will be rated on a scale of 1 – 10 on the following criteria:

Charges for using our service

For our services we charge absolutely nothing from the parents / tutees. We however charge tutors a small service fee for using our services and platform. They pay these charges out of the fees they earn from tuition engagements and this helps us in continuing to provide seamless service and online facilities to both parents and tutors alike.

Rules of Tuition Engagements

All of our tutors go through rigorous verification checks and an interview before we allow their online profile to be available in search results. They are also required to provide one free demo class to you so that you have full chance available to completely satisfy yourself on your choice of tutor. Because we do not employ them as such therefore, at the time of them entering into a tuition engagement with yourself, it becomes a direct engagement between tutor and parent/student. In the unlikely event of any problems arising during tuition engagements, we recommend that you should bring your concerns to tutor's notice immediately and ask them to address them.

Should you require, Parhai Likhai team will intervene and investigate the situation independently and will aim to resolve the situation to the satisfaction of both the parties.

Result of investigation will be comunnicated to both tutor and tutee on completion and will be deemed final. It will be parent's and/or tutor's choice thereafter to take it up further if they are not happy with the decision. Should tutor do not accept the decision or do not address parent's concerns, Parhai Likhai reserves the right to terminate engagement with tutors completely.

Parents/students also get an option to submit a fair feedback at the end of the tuition engagement which will be published in tutor's online profile, however, we recommend strongly that concerns should be resolved mutually first before jumping to any conclusions

Operational Code

Parhai Likhai service is currently available only in Pakistan. Therefore, the tutee must be a resident of Pakistan and must prove his / her identity through CNIC and / or passport and / or driving license. In case, none of the above is available, CNIC / Passport / Driving license of the one of the parents must be provided.

Parents / tutees must behave appropriately with the tutors. Tutors at Parhai Likhai are respectable individuals and we own our tutors. Their safety is our responsibility and therefore, Parhai Likhai will not tolerate any misappropriate behavior with our tutors.

Tuition hours / Days / Week / Time, place, fee and mode of fee will be mutually decided by the tutor and parents / tutee. Parhai Likhai will not interfere in anyway in this regard. To avoid any future complications, parents/tutor may consider emailing us these matters which can support in resolution of issues should they occur.

Once the engagement of tutor and tutees is established (i.e. a mutual understanding between the tutee and tutor is established), Parhai Likhai will not be held responsible for any future mishap or inconvenience caused in the future between the tutor and tutor of whatsoever nature. You can however submit an appraisal of the tutor which will be shared with the tutor and will be filed in our records for future engagement considerations with the tutor.

Code of Ethics and Conduct for Tutors (The Code)

The core ethical foundation of the Code is based on our six values – Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Trust and Care.


The teaching profession has a very defined and distinguished role in Pakistan. The Code reiterates and makes explicit the values and standards that our tutors must comply to.

The main objective of Parhai Likhai Code of Ethics and Conduct is to serve as guiding tool for the tutors to an ethical and professional conduct and to uphold the honor and dignity of the teaching profession.

The role of our tutor is to provide quality education to the students. Parhai Likhai sets out the following standards that apply to all our registered tutors.

The Parhai Likhai tutor should: