How to select best tutor for your private tuition?

Before kicking off your search for the best talented tutor for your child, you should find out about your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses or at minimum be absolutely clear about what is it that you require your child to be helped with. Look through their schoolbooks to ascertain topics and subjects that would benefit from a dedicated one on one tuition, and speak to their teachers – they have a greater understanding of your child’s education level and needs and can provide invaluable insight to you as well as for your private tutor.

Child Safety

Whether using Parhai Likhai Tutors, another reputable online service or personal recommendation from friends or family, child safety is paramount: Parhai Likhai tutors undergo rigorous verification checks before their profiles are published. When a demo invitation is sent to the tutor, contact details about the student and parent remain private throughout the process and are not visible to the tutor. It is only until Parhai Likhai team are satisfied of a great match for student or parent’s needs that contact details are shared between parents and tutors.

WYPIWYG (What you pay is what you get)

The most highly skilled, expensive tutors are usually very experienced tutors, are already teaching in colleges or universities or have strong academic and professional qualifications under their belt. 

Undergraduate tutors are usually a less costly alternative and may have greater availability. You should carefully consider your requirements first before considering the profile of tutors you need to hire. Under Graduate tutors are equally good (and quite frankly sometime better as they are more familiar with latest practices). 

Don’t discount tutors who are still studying for their universities or colleges. They may have great knowledge of the subject you need help with and sometimes have impeccable Intermediate, O/A level grades. When reviewing tutor profiles, you can sense from reading them of professionalism, a passion for the subject and experience with specific exam types relevant for your child. 

Plan early

It is however not uncommon to be able to sign up qualified tutors if you can start your search early on during the year. Last minute rush to get a tutor for your child or to help through few weeks before the exam is generally not a great practice. Although it can get you by the phase you need help with, it doesn’t necessarily result in great experience for either the student, tutor or the learning process.

Demo Classes

At Parhai Likhai, we recommend our tutors to provide introductory demo lesson. Observe their dynamic with your child and check if you feel comfortable with their presence in your home. Get feedback from your child – you would be surprised that they are good judges too. Remember a good tutor will always try to adjust their tutoring style with the child to align with child’s learning needs. Be aware that getting assistance from tutors for homework is not recommended; scoring highly may feel good in the short term but it creates a false impression of ability that isn’t helpful. Tutors should work on skill development using activities that, over time, will enhance the student’s academic performance.

Good luck with your search for talented tutors with us!

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Sara12 February,2020

Parents need to recognise that tutors take time out of their schedules for demo classes and they must appreciate this and not take it for granted. Most parents/students are fine but they need to ensure that they find out basic details of tutors and whether tutor fits their expected requirements before they ask them to give them the demo. This saves hassle for both parties.

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