Is there a best time to prepare for exams?

There is still time in exams, let’s not worry too much now, skip the classes and look into the notebook just before the exam! Hard to believe but some teenagers do have this mantra. This mindset may get you through some exams but will most certainly set you on a collision course with your practical life. It is a disastrous heuristic that many of the students follow. Life is not easy, and it will find every opportunity to checkmate! 

Question is when is the best time to prepare? Simple answer is - all round the year, period! Don’t waste the learning opportunity that you have been given. Value this opportunity and life will value you. At Parhai Likhai we note a lot of parents looking for home tutors right at the eleventh hour. In our opinion, this is not necessarily an optimal investment on our education in our opinion as last-minute tuition will only get you so far i.e. with passing the exam papers. 

There are certain aspects which may come handy if someone wishes to dig deep about the best time to study. 

Do not fuse leisure time with study time – its blasphemy

First of all, Party time is party time! You will most certainly lose out if you study during the party time. What I mean by this is that leisure time is leisure time. Do not fuse leisure and studying, it is blasphemy! Apportion your time accordingly and appropriately. Leisure is important without a doubt. It will keep you human and refresh you to become ready for next round of learning. On the other hand if you will only study, you will most likely turn into a monk like Buddha. You do not want that, or do you? So make sure to let yourself have a good dose of partying and leisure. And then study as much as you want.

Take frequent breaks

Secondly, do not study continuously. You should take frequent breaks during the day. Also, walk during and between the breaks, this will keep your health stimulated. Moreover, snacking! I think snacking is both fun and important. Fun because you can eat delicious snacks and important because when you are studying the brain consumes a lot of energy. You need frequent snacks to keep your blood pressure and glucose levels good. 

When is the best time of the day to study?

We all are different and so are our most productive times of the day. Some people are morning people and others are night owls. I personally think that early morning is the best time to study or prepare for exam. Because there is quietness and stillness in the mornings that is so enchanting and intriguing. The soul of Aristotle comes straight away into your body, you become a philosopher in an instant. I find myself refreshed and ready to take in whatever information comes my way. Plus sunlight makes me alert as well as my synced body clock gives me advantage over night owls. Night owls on the other hand find night time more peaceful, less distractive and can call upon internal creative soul. It is however important to note that no matter what type of studier you are, you must get enough sleep. Long term disadvantages that come with lack of sleep far outweigh itself over short term edge in exams. 

In the end, it all depends on you as an individual to become self-aware of what time works for you. We recommend to follow a consistent approach of continuous learning throughout as it would more likely lead to your personal and professional growth. Do not forget to find time to relax and redeem yourself with whatever amuses you too. Last but not the least do not leave your exam preparation to the eleventh hour. 

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